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Build a Yacht with Roccabella

The ultimate luxury experience.

Our Trusted Network

At Roccabella Yachts, we take immense pride in our formidable network of close-knit alliances with the foremost yacht designers worldwide. Every designer we recommend at Roccabella is meticulously selected for their exceptional aptitude to fulfill the distinct and exclusive demands presented by each project.

Working with You

Our corporate ethos is founded upon an approach to yacht design that is characterized by its openness and intuition. We possess the discerning capability to identify the most suitable designer who can effortlessly transform visions into tangible realities.

Project Management

Whether it entails the creation of a motor yacht or a sailing vessel, our seasoned team of brokers is personally committed to shepherding you through this pivotal process – a commitment we hold in the highest regard.



From conceptualisation to construction, Roccabella guides you through each stage of crafting your new superyacht, transforming your vision into a stunning reality. Let us turn your dream into a masterpiece.

The Process

Roccabella Yachts will manage every aspect of your new yacht construction project, ensuring a smooth process, maintaining quality standards, and ensuring timely completion, making your yacht-building experience a triumph.

Build & Refit

Designing and constructing a yacht that has been created for no-­one else but its new owner is arguably the principle of yacht ownership; when every element comes together in a way that is as individual as its owner.


We manage all aspects of the new construction process, from the initial design and negotiating contracts, to overseeing the build process and ensuring that the yacht is delivered on time and to budget.


Working together with the world's principal shipyards, naval architects and interior designers, we have specialised knowledge to guide you from start to finish with any project.

Keep it Simple

We're here to make things simple and ensure that what is usually deemed a highly involved and complicated process, is made as stress-free as possible, making each and every stage more enjoyable than the last, right up to and after delivery.

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