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The Balearic Islands, with their Mediterranean allure, present an idyllic haven for yachting enthusiasts. Ibiza's lively nightlife and secluded coves, Mallorca's diverse landscapes, and Menorca's pristine beaches offer a captivating blend of luxury and natural beauty. The archipelago provides a seamless yachting experience, inviting exploration and relaxation.

  • Best time to VisitApril - October
  • LanguagesSpanish, Catalan
  • CurrencyEuro
  • TimezoneUTC+01:00

Explore the Balearics

Embarking on a journey to the Balearic Islands promises an immersive experience in a Mediterranean utopia. The archipelago, comprising Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, and Formentera, offers a kaleidoscope of attractions, from Ibiza's globally acclaimed nightlife to Mallorca's diverse landscapes and Menorca's secluded coves. Whether you seek vibrant cosmopolitan energy or tranquil retreats, the Balearics provide a harmonious blend of cultural richness and pristine natural beauty. With historic sites, traditional villages, modern resorts, and hidden paradises waiting to be discovered, the islands cater to every traveller's whims. From the pulsating rhythm of Ibiza's dance floors to the tranquil serenity of Formentera's beaches, the Balearic Islands invite exploration into a world where the Mediterranean's timeless allure converges with the spirited essence of Spain, creating an unforgettable tapestry of experiences for all who visit.


Immerse yourself in the world-renowned nightlife, then retreat to the serenity of secluded coves accessible only by yacht—a juxtaposition of excitement and tranquillity tailored for the discerning elite.


Cruise towards Formentera, the pristine sister island, where your yacht becomes a floating oasis in the Balearic paradise. Explore the unspoiled beaches and savour private, chef-curated dining experiences on deck as the sun sets over the Balearic horizon.


As your yacht sets sail for Mallorca, indulge in the sophistication of Palma's historic charm and exclusive marinas. Dock in Puerto Portals, where luxury boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants beckon, creating an ambiance of refined indulgence.


Discover the allure of Menorca, the archipelago's serene gem, where your yacht anchors in secluded bays surrounded by turquoise waters. Enjoy leisurely afternoons exploring the island's archaeological treasures before returning to the opulence of your floating sanctuary.


Journey to Cabrera, the Balearics' hidden gem, accessible only by private yacht. This uninhabited national park offers an exclusive escape into nature, a pristine backdrop for personalised excursions and intimate moments aboard your luxury vessel.

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